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The Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller is the top dive watch manufactured by Rolex. It has a depth rating of 3,900m as opposed to the Submariner's rating of 300m. That's 13x deeper than the already excellent Submariner divers watch.

An exclusive technical innovation, the Ringlock System allows the Rolex Deepsea’s case to withstand water pressure equivalent to a weight of some three tonnes on the crystal. The three core components of this intricate case architecture are made in the toughest aerospace‑grade materials available. A nitrogen-alloyed steel central ring forms the backbone of the system, accompanied by a 5.5 mm thick domed sapphire crystal and a case back in grade 5 titanium. The Rolex Deepsea can go deeper than all but a few purpose‑built research submersibles, and more than 100 times beyond the depth that any human could physically survive.

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